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” to proclaim the true gospel of Jesus Christ, to build lives in the new creation realities, to corporately experience His love and grace as His beloved church, and to help every person live out God-given purpose for their lives. ”
Come Receive Own Share Shine
God wants us to know Him by just simply come. We don’t need to bring or do anything. In fact, God has a gift prepared for all of us and we can know all about it and have it by simply coming just as we are.
Religions require us to do good, but amazingly, the first thing Jesus wants us to do is to receive. He has taken all punishments for our sins so that we may receive and accept his gifts of justification and righteousness.
Christianity is not a religion. It is an invitation to have a relationship with Jesus and to live with Him in heaven forevermore. A relationship is mutual and cannot be forced. Jesus died for us - to free us from condemnation and grant us free will so that we may choose to be in a relationship with Him.
True joy manifests from sharing good things and emanates from those who have been blessed in this life and the next. Therefore, that same uncontainable joy will naturally enable us to share the good news to every corner of the earth.
God has created and destined each one of us for a unique purpose. He has prepared us to shine in this world, so let’s reach our destiny and leave a legacy of His love through our life here on earth.
is to be:
A Place Called Home
Family is in the heart of God since the beginning. It is our dream to build a secure, affirming, loving, caring, and encouraging family of God here in Cross Generation Church where people can come and find a loving environment that they are not afraid to open up, to be themselves, and to experience the manifold of God’s grace, wisdom, and love.
A Growing Place
Every person is uniquely designed by God for a unique purpose in this life. The greatest fulfillment a person can experience in this life is to discover and live out God’s dreams for his/her life. It is our dream that Cross Generation Church be a place where people will discover God’s dreams; a place where they can also be encouraged, affirmed, and equipped in their life journey with God.
A Launching Place
The many ways that our awesome God expresses His glory through the Church can never be exhausted. Therefore, it is our belief here in our church that we will yet to see many new expressions of God through the lives of His people. It is our dream that Cross Generation Church becomes a nurturing place of discovering, equipping, launching, and supporting many of God’s purposes, given to many members of the Church.
A Shining Place
Jesus called His Church to be a light that shows forth His love and glory. We have a dream in Cross Generation Church that Jesus’ glory and His awe be shone to the surrounding communities and relationships through His people and their actions.
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